Great Lions safaris is a rendition of the extraordinarily natural, esthetic, vibrant experience of the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda. We offer the best gorilla tours and wildlife safaris in East Africa. All our gorilla trekking safaris are guided and price sensitive especially to shoestring travelers. Besides the setting – a prevalent lush organic landscape, Uganda is furnished with fresh water lakes, vast peaked mountains that include the “Mountains of the Moon,” (Rwenzori) rolling hills, natural forests, wild game, a vast number of bird species – a number only found in Uganda, tumbling water-falls, crater lakes, hot springs, an arm of the Great Rift Valley, a number of endangered species that include the Mountain Gorillas, people’s closet relatives the Chimpanzees, Black and white Rhinos and Giraffes, vast wild animal species, the source of the mysterious age-old River Nile – all experienced in an equatorial-tropical climate setting.

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